Fun Starts In

Make Running Easier

It’s Been 5 Months 

Remember your New Year’s resolution? 

You know, the one about getting more exercise… 

How’s your training program working out for you?

Are you running as much 
as you planned? (or running much at all?)

Is your mind helping you to keep going…or helping you stop?

You Know 

You know running is good for you but let’s face it, sometimes running can suck.

  • Maybe you don’t care about running faster or running further.
  • Maybe you want to simply enjoy running more.

The St. Pete Beach Classic is surrounded by running expertssports medicine professionals, trainersrunning clubs, and local business sponsors, all working together to help you get more out of running.

Stick with us and we will help you make running:

  • Easier
  • More relaxing
  • More social

…and even more fun!


Here’s a taste of what we’ve got in store for you as race weekend approaches.

  • Get in your head with motivational Running Podcasts
  • How to find the Perfect Running Shoes
  • Register for the Perfect Race
  • Find running friends

Don’t you want to make running easier? 
Heck yea’ you do!

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The St. Pete Beach Classic, 2017 registration opens this weekend on April 30, 2016. 

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