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Make Running Easier

It’s Been 5 Months  Remember your New Year’s resolution?  You know, the one about getting more exercise…  How’s your training program working out for you? Are you running as much as you planned? (or running much at all?) Is your mind helping you to keep going…or helping you stop? You Know  You know running is good for you but let’s face ...Read More

Run Tampa

Every runner with an eye on one or more of the St. Pete Beach Classic races needs a training plan and training friends. Run Tampa supplies just that. The Run Tampa Club With 465 members, the Run Tampa Club offers many opportunities for group runs, destination races, coaching, and socializing.The Run Tampa Club, founded by Debbie Voiles in 2011, is now directed by a dynamic ...Read More

Yes, it happened here.

Hi Visitor,Don’t you just hate seeing things you missed? That concert… last night. The sandcastle contest… that’s washed away. Dive-in movies from the pool… Wine and food paring by the Skyway at sunset. …Registering for the St. Pete Beach Classic. Visitor, you don’t have to miss out.Our loyal sponsor The Island Reporter provides one of the best weekly Things To Do ...Read More

Visitor, You Are What They Don’t See

Hi Visitor,You might not knowit but some people seeyou and think you’re weird.They see you running,outside, after work. It’s 6:00 p.m. It’s July. It’s still 95º. Shade is scarce. You pant with every stride. You are sweating your brains out.Of course, they are sweating too,but they are in a car with A/C.…And some of them, well, let’s justsay they also pant with each step.They see ...Read More

5 FREE Motivation Hacks from Running Coach Deb

Internationally know running coach and podcaster Coach Debin the middle of the 2016 St. Pete Beach Classic half marathon. Here’s your expert running motivation from Coach Deb!Runners need motivation to train every day – or least most days – and some days it’s easier than others. Check out these tips to keep you motivated all year: Post your running schedule in a prominent place. The ...Read More

Visitor, Here Are 5 Things You Can Do In Paradise

Hi Visitor!We promised to help keep you motivated with the help of our sponsors. Well think about this… What Else?What else are you going to do during your race weekend and beach vacation? You Already KnowYou know registering for a goal race can help keep you motivated.But think about all the other things you can do before and after your race…ParadiseSt. Pete Beach ...Read More

Visitor, For a limited time to our exclusive members

Hi Visitor!First, I want to thank you for being an exclusive member of our St. Pete Beach Classic Race weekend running weekend newsletter. As one of our members I’d like to let you know that early race registration is open. Starting today, and for a limited time, you can register for the St. Pete Beach Classic race weekend events for ...Read More