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Athletic Brewing


Athletic Brewing is pioneering a craft beer revolution. We promise to use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to create great-tasting brews for our beer-loving family. Athletic Brewing focuses solely on making a whole platform of delicious, craft non-alcoholic beers for the modern beer drinker to enjoy with friends and family. We strive to create brews suitable for everyone and every occasion. No matter your motivation, if you want to keep a clear head and drink healthier, we’re here for you.


The Athletic Difference

We found all the industrial technologies being utilized for non-alcoholic beer production were at least 30-40 years old, made for high volume macro beers with no hop flavor or aroma, and most importantly, lacking true craft character. So we set out with the idea that our beer needed to be fully fermented without an industrial process. This artisanal approach would let the ingredients express their most delicate compounds and esters developed and metabolized in fermentation. Through hundreds of trials, tweaking natural variables like temperature, we found that with about 12-15 changes to the normal brewing process, we could brew super sessionable beer that was fully fermented and conditioned to under 0.5% ABV.


Our Mission

  • Positively impact our customers’ health, fitness, and happiness.
  • Positively impact our communities and the environment. Lead by corporate example.
  • Lead the revolution in beer for the modern adult, changing the beverage industry as a whole.


Without Compromise

Accomplishing greatness sometimes requires an unwillingness to make compromises. And that’s not easy. Which is why greatness itself is far from easy. At Athletic Brewing Company, we strive for greatness. We’ve made it our mission to brew non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t compromise taste, quality, or our healthy, active lifestyle. Since sharing our beer with the world, we’ve met a lot of amazing people along the way who share a dedication to pursuing their passions without compromise – and we look forward to meeting all of you!


Our Family

At Athletic, we are a group of passionate and enthusiastic people dedicated to making great beer and having a positive impact on our customers health & community. We highly value work/life balance and fulfillment.



Athletic Brewing Company

350 Long Beach Blvd.

Stratford, CT 06615

(843) 507-4783