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5 FREE Motivation Hacks from Running Coach Deb

Internationally know running coach and podcaster Coach Deb
in the middle of the 2016 St. Pete Beach Classic half marathon.

Here’s your expert running motivation from Coach Deb!
Runners need motivation to train every day – or least most days – and some days it’s easier than others. Check out these tips to keep you motivated all year:

  1. Post your running schedule in a prominent place. The refrigerator is a good spot. This helps you in two ways: You can’t escape it. It’s a constant reminder, but it’ll be helpful for the whole family to see it and know your plans.
  2. Hang a large calendar right next to it. Every day that you do what your schedule says, including resting/recovery days, put a big red X across the box for that day, creating a long, motivating chain of red X’s.
  3. Listen to a podcast about running. My Mojo for Running Podcast is a comprehensive one, addressing a different topic in each episode. If you’re just becoming a runner, listen to my Beginner Runner Podcast. I provide motivation and explain the smart way to train. The goal of both podcasts is to help you achieve your goal, and to that end, my #1 priority is to keep you healthy.
  4. Convince several friends to commit to doing the same race, and make a pact to meet to run together at least once each week. You’ll look forward to these days and the chance to compare notes about training.
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  5. Listen to a book while you run. Make sure it’s about a topic of great interest to you, or choose a suspenseful ‘page-turner,’ and only allow yourself to listen when you run.

For Seasoned Runners
If you are are a runner and you want to:

  • Build endurance
  • Increase speed or
  • Improve your health

Seasoned runners check out the FREE Mojo for Running podcast on

These episodes are filled with information that you can apply today.

For Beginner Runners
Beginner runners, check out the Beginner Runner Village Podcasts and take your very first steps.

In these podcasts, Coach Deb presents easy to digest information and explain how to train wisely. 

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